30 September, 2009

And blogging blahs, apparently

I've been rather quiet this month since I have no pretty photos to show off...well, a couple, I should blog those later. For now, this is my monthly yardage post.

Yardage totals for 2009:

January: 937 yds
February: 1286 yds
March: 1466 yds
April: 1093 yds
May: 909 yds
June: 759 yds
July: 1886 yds
August: 1679 yds
September: 1465 yds

Total to date: 11,480 yds or 6.52 miles

So while my yardage was decent, it was not what I had been hoping for. My first week of the month was fabulous and almost as much as the next three weeks I knit. Though I did have a slump, so that considered, I didn't do poorly at all. I had really been hoping for a mile a month for the rest of the year.
Oh well, do better next month, right? I get to do a new cast-on, which will cheer me up.

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Kitten said...

Oh man, on your weakest months, you knit about four times as much as me. I'm so ashamed right now, and so admiring of you. Can't wait to see some pics of work though!