30 April, 2013

April 2013: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2013:

January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
March:  1,100yds
April:  1,251yds

Year To Date: 4,258yds or 2.42 miles

The yardage is slowly snowballing, kittens!  At this rate, I may hit a 1 mile month some time in the summer.  Pretty exciting stuff...for me, any way.   I like to see that number go up; the higher it is, the less idle my hands are.

25 April, 2013

Knot A Podcast: Episode 26

Kittens, I just realized that the last episode has the incorrect episode number on it.  There are apparently two "Episode 26"s according to the title screen. ;P

This week is still pretty light on content.  One of these days, I will finish a project so that I may cast another one on.  I really am as sick of these same 3 things as you all are.

Week in Review:

♥ I managed to snag a spot on the Hello Yarn Fiber Club wait list!  #37/200, baby!  I hope I may get an invite before the end of this calendar year.
♥ Still sorting out getting the podcast hosted and iTunes ready.  Lots of work behind the scenes.  Many a cuss word has come out of my mouth...and many a chocolate square shoved in.
♥ I think I've decided what my first KAL/prize winning opportunity will be!  How does "Sock it to Summer" sound to you all?  Swing by the Ravelry group and the thread for this episode to let me know!


♥ Waiting Room Socks
♥ Hitchhiker
♥ Pomme de Pin -  Promised Vertical Button Band "tutorial" from Welford Purls

Spinning A Yarn:

♥ Finished the BFL respin from last week.  My knitty knoddy should be a 1.5 yard and the yarn wrapped 18 times.  It's about 27yards?  After it dries, I'll see how many WPI it is.  I'm guessing bulky+.
♥ Started a new BFL spin on my Schacht spindle (I believe mine is the 1.1oz) and with fiber from Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Inc.  Going well so far.

19 April, 2013

Knot A Podcast: Episode 25

It's a really long one this week, kittens.  I tried to edit out as much as I could!   I really do want to keep these on the short side so it's easier to watch them.

Knot A Podcast Ravelry Group

♥ I'm experiencing some growing pains and trying to figure out how to deal with it.  Trying to get the podcast onto iTunes is looking like it will cost some money--and quite a lot as time goes on--and I need to figure out exactly how I feel about that.  Thoughts are always welcome--tech savvy I am not.  Looking to go the VideoPress route, but doing the math with my file sizes is making me seriously unhappy.

♥ Sunday I took a sock yarn dyeing class at The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop in Rochester from Jennifer of Holiday Yarns.


♥ 5 skeins of sock yarn from my class.  YOWZA.  These came out way more blue on web cam, and my pinky melons came out very orange looking.  Hmph.


♥ Blanket O' Doom
♥ Hitchhiker
♥ Pomme de Pin

Spinning A Yarn:

♥ Nice drop spindling video tutorial from Knitting Blooms.  Thank you, Lisa Marie (theyarngoeson), for telling me about that!

♥ Respinning my first yarn to improve it.  Going really well so far!

Stash Enhancement:

♥  A lot, kittens.  A. Lot.

12 April, 2013

Knot A Podcast: Episode 24

Sorry this is a couple days late, kittens.  Recording did not happen until yesterday, and things are still pretty confused here.  I haven't felt super ambitious to do much the last few days.  Today's show notes are going to be pretty short for that same reason.

♥ Ravelry Group
♥ Taking a dyeing class on Sunday!  Hopefully I'll talk about it next week and have some pretties to show off!


♥ Blanket O' Doom
♥ Waiting Room Socks
♥ Hitchhiker
♥ Pomme de Pin


♥ Show Off Bag- Made By Rae

Spinning A Yarn:

♥ First attempt at spindling was pretty laughable, no? :)

03 April, 2013

Knot A Podcast: Episode 23

Crazy face is back, kittens.

♥ Knot A Podcast Ravelry group.


Pomme de Pin Cardigan
Blanket O' Doom


Lunch Sack

Stash Enhancement:

Spindle and fiber from Blarney Yarn
Spinning Class on Craftsy

Future Plans:

♥ Watch class and attempt to spin
♥ Sew a new purse.  The old one is in pretty rough shape these days. I was mistaken and thought I had made the old one in 2010, not 2011.