05 December, 2012

Not A Podcast: Episode 13

Ah, there's that lovely Vimeo video preview again...I look so angry.  I was in a bit of a rush this week and started talking pretty fast.  "Fun" fact: one of my grandparents nicknamed me, "Motor Mouth," as a child.  She added to the sting by making me an awful acrylic sweater with a bunny talking on the phone...and the words, "yakkity yak," embroidered all over it.  I never got over that one and started to withdraw more out of fear that I'd be made fun of for talking.

If I'm really excited about something, I can talk forever and at hyper speeds.

Onto the show notes!

Pinkie Pie Socks - "Ribbed Socks for Kids" by Susan B. Anderson.
- US size 2 needles.  Knit Pick's Felici in "Positively Pink."
- Made these as knee highs for my daughter with a 7.25" leg.  Managed to make a pair out of a 50g skein with a couple yards leftover.  I often have just under half a skein of yarn from my own socks...I may have a future use for those partials.

Crafty Neck Thingie - "Malabrigo Neck Thingie" by Anne Sahakian.
-US size 8 needles.  Used Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted in "Robo Boogie."
-Pattern is a bit short as written, IMHO.  I had enough yardage left over that it could have easily been made an inch or two taller.  Also, not sold on the purl/knit alternating welts.

♥ 20 Penguin Puffs - My own pattern/improvised.

♥ Gnomies Can Never Be Broken - I am so close to having these done!  It was a shame I couldn't find the final 2 hours I needed so I could show them off this week.

♥ It's On Like Donkey Kong! - "Ribbed Socks for Kids" in Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks Sassafras Sock: "Donkey Kong" colorway.

Stash Flash:
♥  Hoo boy.  A lot this week after a month of almost nothing.  But the coat yarn is here!!  Yay!!

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Kitten said...

Haven't watched yet, but I had to laugh. We should never get together and talk. I'm very withdrawn until you approach a subject I'm passionate about. Then, I start talking faster and faster and I get louder and louder. My own mother and my husband have had to tell me they can't understand me because I speak too quickly at times.