27 November, 2008

Thanksgiving Quickie

First of, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving full of yummy food and lovely time with family!
Second, I'm making good--but slow--progress on my next knit: the Shetland Shorty in Wollmeise. So far, so good.

Yes, it really is THAT bright of a pink, red, and orange. Holy Bright Colors, Batman! So far, I'm really loving it next to green-ish blues and can't wait to have it off needles to wear. It's another stupidly simple lace pattern, so let's hope I do not muck this one up.

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SusanB-knits said...

I humbly apologize but you've been tagged. I am new to this tagging stuff having never been tagged before. It was fun! Hope you enjoy it too.