07 January, 2009

Changing Direction

Couldn't bring myself to keep working on the socks. There isn't anything *wrong* with them. They're turning out lovely, but I'm just not feeling them. So, since I'm stuck being unable to do much besides lay down and I lack a laptop, I decided to change directions and work on a new project for now to stave off the boredom while my toddler gets to watch every movie his little heart desires.

I'm working on my brother's hat, and my knitting mojo seems to be refound. Guess I was bored? At the rate I'm going, it will be done in three days at the most and then it's back to the socks.


There's a little voice in my head whispering to me. "Frog them and sell the yarn at a loss. Work on something you love. Knitting is not an obligatory thing." The voice isn't wrong, just I don't know if I want to frog and have to sell that yarn at a loss to me. On the other hand, it will get it out of my way and I won't feel this nagging guilt that I don't want to work on them. I have a few days to think it over while still being entertained with colorwork.


SusanB-knits said...

You could always just put the socks in "time out" for awhile. : )
I think knitting should be about doing what you enjoy not knitting because you think you have to. So, work on some other things and you may come back to the sock. I have a shawl I started in 2002 that I work on occasionally.

Heather_dw said...

I've been having the problem with "obligatory knitting" lately as well. The voice in my head says "but you need to make __ or __" when I really want to do other projects.

Jen said...

I still have no mojo. I haven't knit at all this year. Glad that yours is back. Love the hat so far!!!