30 June, 2010

2010 Q2 Stashdown

And since I'm keeping track of this as well...

2010 Q1 Stashdown

Yardage in: 6,681
Yardage out: 9,766
Net stash change: -3,085
Ratio (yds out/in): 1.462

2010 Q2 Stashdown
Yardage in: 7,014
Yardage out: 7,498
Net stash change: -484
Ratio (yds out/in): 1.069

2010 Totals so far:

Yardage in: 13,695
Yardage out: 17,264
Net Stash Change: -3,965
Ratio (yds out/in): 1.261

Overall, it's still a reduction, but not a very impressive one. This quarter, my stash was reduced by what amounted to a skein of sock yarn plus a few yards. I definitely could have done better--and WAS--but some last minute stress binges did me in.

My goal for Q3 is no yarn in other then my one club. That should be easy enough and I have plenty to work on. I have 3 WIPs I want to get off of needles and some new projects to start. Hopefully, Q3 will be productive.

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