11 December, 2010

Vikings, Day 4

They have upper bodies! This took about 2.5 hours last night, but the end is in sight. Next they need belts and their lower tunics. Then it's onto arms, legs, weapons, and horns for their helms. Then I have to stuff and attach it all. After that, it's the putzy but creative detailing: embroidery for the faces and adding the hair.

I'm pretty confident that I'll finish these with time to spare. Knock on wood, kittens.


K. D. said...

Wow! They are coming along nicely! When you're done, wanna make some elves? Just kidding! I'm going to do that soon.

Ms. Knitpicky said...

With some fairly minor shaping changes to the hat--NO BOBBLES--and a color scheme change, this pattern could work out as elves. :P

SusanB-knits said...

They are coming along great! I'm sure you can get them done in time.