02 July, 2013

June 2013: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2013:

January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
March:  1,100yds
April:  1,251yds
May: 1,112yds
June: 452yds

Year To Date: 5,822yds or 3.31 miles

Sorry I'm a little late with this one, kittens.  It's been a crazy last few days, and I forgot about the post writing thing.

After 8 months of really high knitting output, this month's number is a bit of a let-down.  But considering I cross stitched an entire sampler in that time...it's pretty easy to see how most of my crafting time was spent.  I didn't do too badly for stolen moments in the car and watching podcasts.  And it's probably best that I accept that until the weather cools down, I'm likely not going to be knitting all that much any way.  I can still hope to do a little better in July.  In the sweltering, humid heat.  Where are Spring and Fall when I need them?

1 comment:

Jen said...

I really don't like summer. It is a good thing I haven't had one here in Germany. Hope your July is crafty!